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Large Lawn Letters


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Large Lawn Letters make the statement that you want ! These large letter are sculpted and made of latex balloons.  The letters stand 7-8 foot tall. Display an Alphabet, 2 letter initials or logo or a whole phrase.  The Large Letters will bring your event to life!

Customize the balloon colors of your Oversized letters.  We have a variety of balloon colors for you.  Order yours today!!

Spell a name for a Birthday or Congratulations.  Balloon Yard sculptures are big and bold.  Have Balloon Sculptured letters delivered and set up on the lawn or wherever space is available.  Make a Perspnal greeting or celebrate any milestone event. Make a statement with your 8 foot number balloon.  A photo opt for inside and outdoor events.

Balloon Sculptured Lawn Letters  are  a great additional  item for events ! Events like Birthday Parties, Anniversary Parties, Corporate Events, BBQs, photo shoots and more!  Balloon Sculptured Phrases are one of the best choices because balloons make any party or event fun and festive!

 Balloons from this set are non-toxic, strong and long lasting. These balloons are made from natural latex , which  is a safe and durable rubber.  The air filled balloons will stay full for longer   

Our Balloon Sculptured Lawn Letters  are quick and easy  to  set up ! They also can be used  indoors or outdoors!  Sculptured Numbers can come in a twisted pattern like a spiral and can come in any design or as many colors as you would like!

Celebrate any birthday in a big way with tall Balloon Lawn Letters   These incredible sculptures are fun and colorful and are easily notice while everyone passes by.  We Deliver , set up and pick up!

Imagine the smile on the face of the special recipient when they wake up and see a giant balloon letters towering in the front yard or Your Staff coming to work to a cheerful colorful phrase.