Christmas Candy Balloon garland red green and white candy canes and peppermint
Christmas Candy Frame Arch

Christmas Candy Frame Arch

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The Christmas Candy frame arch is a fun arch for the holiday season. The price listed is for a 10 foot garland. (garland shown is 25 ft.) Use it for a winter theme, Christmas or candy treats. The candy frame arch is organic and usually created with white, green and red balloons. They are enhanced with candy foil balloon accents --candy canes, an assortment of peppermint candy and printed balloons. A whimsical addition to any occasion, the Christmas Candy Frame Arch will beautifully complete your festive decor. Perfect for winter wonderlands, Christmas parties, or a candy lover's dream – this organic arch is crafted with white, green and red balloons, further enhanced with candy cane and peppermint accents. Plus, the price listed is for a 10 foot garland – a sweet, budget-friendly way to bring your vision to life!