Balloon Pom Pom
Balloon Pom Pom
Balloon Pom Pom
Balloon Pom Pom

Balloon Pom Pom


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Pom Pom are short stacks of garland draped with ribbon that give you an eye-level of color for your event.  Pom Pom  can be topless or topped with your favorite theme balloons, a 36 inch colorful balloon, a number, letter or maybe even a spider top.  Pom Pom  are about 7 foot tall.

Pom poms  – a column of balloon stacked either in a spiral, stacked or solid color design – generally 6 to 8ft tall but we've made them as tall as 30ft. It's generally topped with either a star, a balloon burst or a large balloon.

The balloon column (also known as a balloon tower or pillar) is an absolutely iconic party decoration.

 Air-filled balloons generally last for a couple of weeks, but will not float.

Balloon Pom Pom is one of the most popular for events! Events like baby showers, bridal shower, weddings, graduations, anniversary, corporate events, BBQs, photoshoots and more!  Balloon  Columns are one of the best choices because balloons make any party or event!

Balloons from this set are non-toxic, strong and long-lasting. These balloons are made from natural latex, which is a safe and durable rubber.  Because of this, the air-filled balloons will stay full for up to 70 hours.   

Our Pom Pom is quick and easy to set up! They also can be a great addition to any event or party because it can be used indoors or outdoors!  Ballons can come in a twisted pattern like a spiral and can come in any design or as many colors as you would like!

The balloon stand set can be decorated to suit literally any event or party. Such as birthday, baby shower, wedding, graduation, candy party, kids event balloon decoration.