Balloon Columns Topless red white and blue

Balloon Columns Topless


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Classic Balloon Columns 8 foot . Topless Balloon Column!

The price shown is for 1 column.  Multiple columns are shown in the description because the classic balloon column is usually bought in multiples. Of all balloon decorations, balloon columns are the most versatile for any event. The balloon columns add beautiful colors to a birthday party, corporate meeting, grand opening as well as a wedding.  They are awesome anchors for doorways, stages,  dancefloors and head tables.
Classic balloon columns topless 8 foot tall. Topless balloon columns are mostly used outside. The straight columns are easier to balance in the wind and rain. Tops can be added upon request


The balloon column stand set can be decorated to suit literally any event or party. Such as birthday, baby shower, wedding, graduation, candy party, kids event balloon decoration.

Column – a column of balloon stacked either in a spiral, stacked or solid color design – generally 6 to 8ft tall but we've made them as tall as 30ft. 

The balloon column (also known as a balloon tower or pillar) is an absolutely iconic party decoration.

It is the most popular!

11” latex balloons generally last between 12-20 hours filled with helium, and about 2-3 days when treated with Hi-Float. Foil balloons last approx. 5-7 days. Air-filled balloons generally last for a couple of weeks, but will not float.