Custom Printed Balloons
Custom Printed Balloons
Custom Printed Balloons
Custom Printed Balloons
Custom Printed Balloons

Custom Printed Balloons


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Balloons printed on 100 percent biodegradable latex  balloons.

Custom Printed Latex Balloons

Economical Branding, Marketing and Advertising... Vibrant floating colors is the perfect touch to your corporate events.  Add the festive atmosphere to trade shows, exhibits and conferences, charity walks and runs, employee appreciation picnics and awards day, employee appreciation picnics, awards day or "congratulations" we reached our goal.

Premium helium quality 12 inches 100 percent biodegradable latex balloons

Latex ink colors

Black, White, red, yellow, Royal blue, blue, lime green, green, brown, orange, pink, purple, burgundy, teal, gold and silver

Choose Balloons from Balloon Color Chart

Orders of 100 balloons –choose one color balloon or assortment and one color ink

Orders of 200-500 balloons-choose 2 balloon colors or one assortment

Orders of 1000 balloons – Choose up to 4 balloon colors or assortment

You can print up to 4 lines of copy with no additional plate charge

12-inch balloons                  100                   200                 500                      1000

Standard Colors                  130                    150                 220                       265

Special Colors                      138                    152                225                        275

Metallic,  Pearl                    148                    168                235                        285


Do you have custom printed balloons and need them inflated?

Ask About our Custom Print Inflation and Delivery Service...
Custom Printed Balloons


*  Fill balloons with air or helium

** Add curling ribbon

*** Bunch balloons,  and

**** Deliver

Buy Custom Printed Balloons from us and receive an Inflation service discount.