Helium Balloon Centerpiece 7

Helium Balloon Centerpiece 7


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Helium balloon centerpieces of 7 balloons on ribbon and finished with a color coordinated weight. Balloon bouquet of 7 balloons each that can be customized with your event or company colors


 Helium Balloon Centerpiece 7

  • It's great for birthday parties, corporate events, photo shoots and more!

  • The Helium Balloon Centerpiece 7 is the best choice because balloons make any party or event!  The balloons are made from natural latex. which  is a safe and durable rubber. 

  • The balloons are safe and non toxic.

  • Because of this , the  balloons will stay full for up to 48 hours.   

  • Our Balloon Centerpieces are quick and easy to deliver! 

  • They are also a great addition to any event.

  • The balloon centerpiece can be used indoors and outdoors.

  • They can also be used for the floor.

  • Put them in all 4 corners of the room to make it festive!

  • Balloon centerpiece 7 brings color to any event!

  • The centerpiece balloons come in a beautiful array of colors.

Balloon Centerpiece Height

  • Table centerpieces are 4 feet high.

  • This Balloon height is appropriate for guest tables .

  • The balloons arranged so that they don't obstruct table conversation !

  • The Floor centerpieces are 8 feet high.

  • The centerpieces need a different type weight for outside use.

  • The balloons do not last long because of direct sunlight.

  • The balloon centerpieces are for all occasions.

  • Balloon centerpieces elevate  your party  or event to the next level.

  • Choose the right colors in your centerpiece to highlight your party theme or your party table and pull your decor together.

  • Try a balloon centerpiece as the finishing touch for your party design!

  • Try balloon centerpieces for your tables.

  • They bring color to your your party with balloon table centerpieces like 3 or 4 balloons.

  • Balloon delivery in Charlotte , North Carolina

  • Balloon centerpieces delivered right to your front door!

  • Happy birthday balloon centerpieces are the most popular.

  • Floor balloon centerpieces are great.

  • Balloon arches elevate your event

  • Order your Balloon centerpiece on line for your party today.