Balloon Arch Classic


Balloon Arch Classic is the most popular Balloon Arch! It is the most recognized balloon art in the world! Balloon Arch Classic comes in any color of your choice and you can choose as many colors as you would like! The Balloon Arch Classic stands at about 8 feet high and about 12 feet wide!


  • The Balloon Arch Classic is the most popular  Balloon Arch for events ! Events like baby showers, bridal shower, weddings, graduations, anniversary, corporate events, BBQs, photo shoots and more! The Classic Balloon Arch is the best choice because balloons make any party or event!
  •  All balloons from this set are non-toxic, strong and long lasting. These balloons are made from natural latex , which  is a safe and durable rubber.  Because of this the air filled balloons will stay full for up to 70 hours.   
  • Our Balloon Arches are quick and easy  to install ! They also can be a great addition to any event  , because it can be used  indoors or outdoors!

There will be an additional $20 delivery fee on any delivery before 9am and after 5pm Monday – Saturday and $25 delivery fee for Sunday.


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