2020 Balloon Arch & Columns

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Combination of Columns and numbers 2020 for a great celebration arch.  (2) 8-foot columns bridged by a 2020 arch made of 40 inch number balloons.  Number balloons are available in silver and gold.  Some other colors are available upon request.

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The 2020 Balloon Arch & Columns is the most popular Balloon decor!  From Graduation parties and even Stage design and stage decor ! The 2020 Balloon Arch & Columns is the best choice because balloons help  make any party or event!

  •  All balloons from this set are non-toxic, strong and long lasting. These balloons are made from natural latex , which  is a safe and durable rubber.  Because of this the air filled balloons will stay full for up to 70 hours.   
  • Our Balloon Arches are quick and easy  to install ! They also can be a great addition to any event  , because it can be used  indoors or outdoors!

There will be an additional $20 delivery fee on any delivery before 9am and after 5pm Monday – Saturday and $25 delivery fee for Sunday.


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