Graduation Congrats 2023 Decorating Package

Graduation Congrats 2023 Decorating Package

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This graduation decorating package features: a stunning 12-foot organic balloon garland made with premium latex and foil balloons.  

***. latex balloons in your themed colors and accented with a supersized graduation balloon and foil starburst.  

Customize the colors for your garland--Choose from a variety of colors for your garland. 

*** A set of 4 Transparent  Marquee Stacking Boxes filled with balloons.The balloons for your graduation balloon boxes can also be customize.  The selection for your G R A D balloon will be silver or gold.  

(Choose Colors below if you would like colors different from stock colors)

**A Set of Marquee Stacking Boxes decorated with balloons matching your garland..  Each box displays G R A D  or "So Proud of You". The boxes are 20 inches each and stack about 5 feet up.  

***A set of air filled 40 inch letters 20 spell G R A D or 2 0 2 3

You can customize your package

Use the package components in several areas of your party room or all together.  Each piece is great for photo areas and focal points.  The letters are about 36 inches.  The Letters G R A D included in this package are filled with air.  The Letters G R A D can also be filled with Helium at an extra charge.