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15 Great Christmas Party Games

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Group Christmas party games can add a lot of fun and excitement to your holiday gatherings. Here are some ideas for festive and entertaining Christmas party games for groups:

  • White Elephant Gift Exchange:
    • Participants bring wrapped, inexpensive, and often humorous gifts.
    • Each person selects a gift or steals one from someone else.
    • The game continues until everyone has a gift.
  • Christmas Charades:
    • Write down Christmas-related phrases or activities on cards.
    • Participants take turns acting out the words without speaking, while others guess. 
  • Christmas Trivia:
    • Create a Christmas-themed trivia game with questions about holiday traditions, movies, and songs.
    • Divide into teams and see which team knows the most about Christmas.
  • Christmas Pictionary:
    • Similar to regular Pictionary but with Christmas-related words and phrases. 
  • Christmas Carol Karaoke:
    • Create a karaoke setup with popular Christmas carols.
    • Participants take turns singing or lip-syncing to their favorite holiday tunes. 
  • Guess the Christmas Song:
    • Play short snippets of Christmas songs and have participants guess the song title and artist.
  • Christmas Bingo:
    • Create bingo cards with Christmas-related items instead of numbers.
    • Use small Christmas-themed items as markers.
  • Christmas Scavenger Hunt:
    • Develop a list of Christmas items or clues leading to hidden items.
    • Participants or teams race to find all the items or solve the clues. 
  • Christmas Movie Marathon:
    • Choose a selection of classic or favorite Christmas movies and have a movie marathon.
  • Gingerbread House Decorating Contest:
    • Provide gingerbread house kits and decorating supplies.
    • Have a contest to see who can create the most creative and festive gingerbread house.
  • Christmas Photo Booth:
    • Set up a photo booth area with holiday props and backdrops.
    • Encourage guests to take festive photos. 
  • Santa Limbo:
    • Play limbo with a Christmas twist by using a candy cane or Christmas-themed limbo stick.
  • Christmas Family Feud:
    • Create a Christmas-themed version of the popular game show Family Feud with holiday-related questions. 
  • Ornament Guessing Game:
    • Fill a clear jar with Christmas ornaments and have participants guess the number without opening it.
  • Holiday Mad Libs:
    • Create Christmas-themed Mad Libs for a fun and silly word game. 
  • Remember to consider the preferences and age group of your guests when choosing games to ensure everyone can participate and have a good time.

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