How Long Will My Balloon Last? A frequently asked question

How long does a helium balloon last ?

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 A helium balloon is any balloon that is filled with helium.  If you let an inflated balloon go and it rises or floats, it is filled with helium.  A standard size latex balloon is 11-12 inches.  An 11-12 inch balloon will typically float for 8-15 hours. 

What Can I Do if I Need My Balloons to float longer than 15 hours?

No Worries.  There are solutions: 

(1)  Use Ultra Hi-Float solution in your latex balloon.  Ultra Hi Float treatment is a wonderful solution that will help extend the life of your latex balloons to float up to 3 types longer.  Ask your party sales person for Hi Float treatment.

(2)  Use mylar , foil or vinyl balloons. The standard sized 18-21 inch foil or mylar balloon will float with helium 2-5 days.

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(3) Choose bigger balloons. The bigger the balloon, the more helium it takes, the longer they will float. Most bigger balloons will last 2-5 days

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(4) Use air balloons—What are air balloons? Balloons filled with air.

Balloons with air will not float. If a balloon is inflated and you let it go and it falls to the ground it is filled with air. They usually have to be hung or mounted on stands or stacked together to stand. Most air balloons will be inflated at least 3 days.  Many times they can last for weeks or  months.

Note:  Air balloons are, actually, the best to use outside.

Some balloons are too small to float.  Balloons under 9 inches have a very short float time and many times the ribbon tied to the balloon will weigh it down.

All of these float times are based on balloons used inside. 

Balloon used outside are subject to all the elements of heat, wind, sun, rain and other acts of nature.  Use caution when using balloons outside.  Try not to place the balloons in direct sunlight and in the rain or high windy areas.  Balloons should not be placed outside for a next day event. 

There are many new products and techniques that preserve the life of latex balloons and extend the life of your balloons so that you get more out of your party decorations.  I hope this was helpful.

Please forward any question you have concerning a balloon or party topic.  

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