Best Designs for Outdoor Balloon Decorations

Best Designs for Outdoor Balloon Decorations


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As the weather gets warmer and the days get longer, we tend to have more backyard parties, pool parties, races, picnics and a variety of outdoor events. 4 elements of Wind, Sun, Rain and Heat can adversely affect your balloon decorations.  Here are some tips that will give you longer lasting balloons for your outdoor events.  

  Balloons Decorations can add color, theme, and focal-point balloon art to your party. .  However; when Balloons Decorations are used outside your designs may pose a challenge if not carefully thought out.  

Air filled balloons offer more durability than helium filled balloons when decorating your outdoor event.

Helium balloons on a string have a greater chance of blowing away.  The consistent movement of balloons on a string actually reduces the life of a helium balloon.  When several helium balloons are tied together by ribbon on a windy day the ribbon will choke the balloons as they tangle.

Air filled balloons placed on a sturdy frame or stand are the best options to preserve the life of your outside balloon decorations.

The stands and weights will keep your designs sturdy in the wind and rain while also preserving inflation time.

Topless Balloon Columns, (sometimes referred to as balloon towers or balloon pillars} are some of the most durable outside friendly balloon decorations.  A standard column is usually topped by a bigger balloon whether latex or foil.  If the column with a topper is met with heavy wind, it is more likely to become too top heavy and fall over even though they are created with very sturdy poles and weights. The topless balloon columns are the most reliable balloon decorations to have outside in the heat, wind or rain. When properly installed Balloon Columns can withstand more wind and rain than any other balloon decoration. 

Themed Balloon columns are easily transformed into creative theme décor that can complement any party; however, these are the most versatile and reliable of all the outside balloon decorations.


The Balloon Arch is a Classic Outdoor Balloon Decoration.  A Balloon Arch is usually built with a heavy frame.  A balloon arch is very colorful and serves as a great backdrop, picture prop as well as a walk-through for an entrance or exit.  The classic balloon arch is recommended for outside use because it can be adapted to withstand the wind, sun, rain and heat.

The Balloon Garland Organic

The Balloon Garland makes this list because it is made with air filled balloons.  It is not held together by stands or held down by weights.  The garland is bound together strong enough to affix it to something stationary like a tent, tree or table or building.

Organic Table garlands are unique ways to add color to a table and also have enough weight to anchor helium balloons.  The garland is anchored to the table by weights to offer more stability.  Helium balloons can be added to the garland to give your event more eye level color.


Simple Sculptures


Simple structures, like yard letters or lawn numbers are good balloon decorations for outside use.  They are usually mounted on a sturdy frame and heavy weights.  When placing your balloon sculptures outside it is best practice to place them in a shady area on level ground to preserve the life of your balloon art.


Tips for Best Results for Outside Balloon Decor

  •  Use a premium quality balloon.
  •  Avoid Direct Sunlight.  Especially on Hot Days.
  •  Use larger balloons than needed to add stretch ability.
  •  Use air-filled balloon designs on a sturdy frame.
  •  White balloons are the best color to use outside because they are the best reflectors of light.  It is best to use more light colors than dark because dark colors absorb more light and   heat.  Dark colored balloons are also more likely to pop quicker.
  • Inflation time for balloons is longer when used inside.  You need to plan not to put your outside balloon decorations out more than 2 hours before your event.  You do not what your balloons exposed to the elements more than necessary.


 Written by Carolyn Mason, CBA

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