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6 Great Birthday Balloon Ideas for Outdoor Parties

By Carolyn Mason, CBA


Balloons are party highlighters! The growing trend of partying outdoors has opened so many opportunities for people to theme and style their partying space with balloon decorations. The amazingly fun balloon decorations coupled with balloon numbers, letter balloons, confetti, ribbons, tassels, and birthday poppers make the celebration a memorable one.


In this post, we are going to share 6 great Birthday balloon ideas for outdoor birthday parties. Design your celebration to perfection and make the arrangement long-lasting. So, let’s cut to the chase and dive in!


  1. Balloon Banners and Marquees

Personalize your birthday party or any special occasion with a Balloon banners or marquee. Letter balloon constructed into balloon banners and marquees can be customized to Say what you mean and mean what you say.

happy birthday carter





  1. Giant Yard Numbers




There are times when certain celebrations revolve around numbers. It can be a celebration for reaching certain goals or just a number representing the age of somebody who has their birthday. Balloon decorations can be done by using standard yard numbers which are usually six-eight feet tall. These are generally built on a moveable weighted base and can stay up for hours. However, if you request, we can even help you to decorate your outdoor space with giant yard numbers which can be up to ten feet tall!


  1. Balloon Garlands and Foil Number Balloons





This is one of the newest balloon decoration trends that we really enjoy as professional balloon artists. It really is a concoction of balloon artistry and different colors, sizes and textures. It is an air-filled design and makes a perfect expression for a birthday celebration. We love recommending this new balloon decoration trend as these can become striking pieces in any outdoor celebration.

When it comes to outdoor celebrations, balloon garlands can be attached to any object to give the whole theme an aesthetically lasting impact. This is one of the basic balloon decoration ideas we present to our customers if they want a simple but fun and elegant balloon decoration.



  1. Drive Through Balloon Banners
drive thru balloon arch
drive thru balloon arch




Drive through Balloon banners and drive-through balloon arches are so much fun and have a growing trend as we celebrate outside more.  Make a phrase, spell a name, make it more fun. Messages are more memorable when you drive through.




  1. Themed Birthday Balloon Columns



organic balloon column

Try creating your curbside photo booth for lasting memories.   Personalize your Birthday Column


Balloon Arch









If you are putting a stage outdoors where you are going to celebrate the event, we suggest you have one of our professional balloon artist create a balloon arch by putting the inflated balloons together in the shape of an arch. No need for words the theme arch says it all. The balloon arch can also be put up at the entrance of the party venue. The color and shape of the balloons should be decided well in advance.

Looking for a quite impressive balloon decoration?  We would like to suggest a large wall of balloons that can act as the background for taking pictures at the event. This is quite an innovative style of balloon decoration that can really make your event stand out.


  1. Post it Balloons

LED Light up Balloons









































There can be times when you want the event or the celebration to happen during night. Well, for us, it is not a problem because.  Lighted balloons are festive as well as functional.  Catch the glow of the lighted balloons. This creates a surreal effect of light outside!


Wrapping Up


There you have it. We have shared 6 birthday party ideas that can be created with balloons for your next outdoor birthday celebration. Contact one of our balloon professionals for help to create arrangements customized for your outside parties and celebrations. We hope this these designs are helpful to you. Have questions? Feel free to put them down in the comments section. We would love to hear from you!


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